Batch Uploader for Google Sites


    Can you imagine how hard it is to synchronize large numbers of file from your computer to Google Sites and vice-versa? 
Batch File/Folder Uploader & Downloader for Google Sites is a desktop application that automates the upload/download process of large document repositories to/from Google Sites, saving you much time from an manual process.

    Batch File/Folder Uploader & Downloader for Google Sitse preserves the folder hierarchies in your existing file system by creating Google Sites file cabinet pages or normal web pages for each nested folder, same case when downloading files from Google Sites. Once uploaded to Google Sites, your organization can take advantage of a fully-indexed, searchable document repository powered by Google search, with the download feature you can download all files from any Sites you can access, which make it ideal for Site files backup.

    In a word,
Batch File/Folder Uploader
& Downloader for Google Sites is the easiest way to copy files into Google Sites and download files from Google Sites. Check more features at the table below, click here to see the User Interface, and here for No-Registration free download.

Import /export files and directories from/to Google Site Upload files to Google Sites and download files from Google Sites made easy 
Two login methods support Login using your Google account username and password, also you can login using OAuth which provide high level of security. For both methods, user logins are encrypted with SSL 
Devote whole site for file storage support Bi-directional file synchronization between your local directory and your whole remote Google Site 
Two types of Page support You can choose File Cabinet or Web Page for files container 
File filters Filter the files you would not like to upload. 
Two choices when file name conflict Simply select "skip" or "update" when the file already exist in destination. 
Directory structure preversed Preversed directory structure from local folder to remote page container, folder hierarchy preserved as sub-pages 
Auto retry upload or download Auto re-upload and download 3 times when it fails at first time due to unstable internet connection. 
Unlimited folders and files support You can upload unlimited folders and files, statistics report generated when it finish uploading/downloading 
Easy to use with 6 steps wizard, less in 1 minute to get and running 
Auto preverse last time configuration Uploading or Downloading the same directories every time? Batch Uploader & Downloader can record your last time configuration, save you much time when reuse. 
Run on any PC Including Windows, Linux and Mac 
Auto proxy detection Using a proxy to connect to Internet? behind a firewall? no problem, it will detect your browser's proxy automatically and use it to connect to Internet, no manual configuration needed  
And many others... Technical support, software upgrade, No extra-cost needed 
Save config as tasks and run auto later Save the configuration as taks and run automatically later, You can have unlimited number of tasks, quite helpful for one has regular jobs on a daily basis. 
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